Sunday, April 5, 2015

This Sunday we had 45 people in church. That's the most I've ever seen here.

March 31, 2015

Dear family,

Hi guys! Wel, not much really happened this week. So you'll get just a bunch of random thoughts.

First of all, a request. A member wants to do a little activity with us next P day. They want to cook with us. So could you guys send me some good cookie recepies?

Second of all, my package arrived! Thank you so much. My companion and I have enjoyed eating everything you sent. Jumbalaya is a hit.

We're very excited for the upcoming general conference.

This Thursday we're doing another temple trip for the investagators. Should be really good.

President M's mom came to church for the first time yesterday. She goes to a different church and up until now hasn't really been really willing to talk to us. But she's got lot's of love and support from family members. Her name is I.

Remember B, the joven that Elder G and I brought to the temple a while back? He just got his mission call. He's going to Costa Rica. And we called him to be the branch mission leader. Haven't really had one of those before.

The branch is progressing. President L couldn't skype into the presidency meeting this week, but we still did it, and it went well. We got a lot done. We're learning. 

Well, that's all I've got. I really have been using my jounal to help me write my letters. But this week I didn't write in my journal, we were too busy. And the week's a bit of a blur.

I'm still learning to deal with stress. Yesterday was particularly stressful. I gave a talk, taught the Gospel Principles class (Elder P has been called as young men's president so he taught the youth), and taught the third hour. Then we had branch council after church. Then we did the tithing and other administrative stuff.I left feeling kind of drained. We really need to find more members that do all of that. We're looking. And giving out callings as fast as we can. Little by little we're getting there. This Sunday we had 45 people in church. That's the most I've ever seen here.
I love you all!

Elder Hilton

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