Tuesday, October 13, 2015

But now I'm so grateful just because we have water.

October 9, 2015

Dear family,

This was a good week. Granted, a busy one, but good. I loved general conference. We were even able to see a few of the sessions in English. That was great. Even though it's the same thing in Spanish, it's always so disappointing to hear their voices and then have it covered up by the translator.

Things have calmed down a little bit. We never did find a new house but we've moved in with the Elders in the ward that borders Los Alpes. Their house is right on the border of the two wards so it actually works out pretty nicely. I love the house. It's soo nice. San Marcos is a little bit cooler than my other areas. And the house is on the top of a hill, so there's always a really cool breeze. And the house is like half open air, so the breeze comes through the house and cools everything off. And the house is clean. And new. And we have a water tank, so we always have water. We only have water every now and then in the other house. I'm so grateful to always have running water. It's interesting how my expectations have changed. If I were to move into a house like this before the mission I would have complained about not having hot water. But now I'm so grateful just because we have water.

I have two companions: Elder N and Elder B. Elder B is the migration secretary. I've been with him almost all my time in the office. Elder N is a pretty quiet guy. But he's really smart. He's picking up everything really fast.

Next week we will write on Wednesday, not Friday. President has decided to give us a P-day. Monday was supposedly our P-day, but Monday is actually our bussiest day in the office, becuase that's the day all the day all the other missionary write, send in their key indicators, send in their baptism records, energy bills, water bills, etc. Lot's of work for us. That's why we used to write on Fridays to try to conteract that. But it didn't help that much. Last Monday we left the office at 7. But President wants us to rest every now and then so he's changed that.

Well, I love you all! Until next Wednesday!

Elder Hilton


October 2, 2015

Well, we had changes this week. And a lot of things changed. Significant changes:

1. I'm training Elder N to be the next general secretary. Elder N and I went to the MTC together so we already know each other. He's a very natural secretary. I attached a picture of us.

2. They closed Los Lencas I (our area). The financial secretary and the records secretary are going to stay in the ward, but we are opening an area in a ward called Los Alpes (in San Marcos, El Salvador). And because they wanted it to be a surprise so they didn't tell us anything. We don't even have a house. We're still living in our house in Los Lencas. We have the car right now we just drive to our area and back every day. I'm not sure what we'll do when we don't have the though.

It feels weird to be in this area. We've had a lot to do in the office this week, so everyday since changes we've gotten to the area at like 7:30 at night. I still haven't seen our area in the day.So we get there, it already dark, we don't know how safe it is, and we don't know our way around. 

The day of changes we got to our area, parked the car in the church and met some of the members and the bishop. And we met our Amulek amongst the members. His name is J. He's a young return missionary. That first day he gave us a referral and set an appointment to go visit him with us. After meeting the members, we drove back to our area.

The day after changes (Thursday): We still had a lot to do in the office. We left the office around 6:30, dropped off the other companionship in Los Lencas, dropped off the assistants in their area, and then drove to our area. When got there, everything was pitch black. The city had lost power. We found the church (the only place we know how to find) and Jose was there waiting for us. We parked the car by the church, and then he took us to the referral he gave us. There is no way we could have found it on our own. We had never been there before, and there were no lights.

But he guided us. He took us to the Ar family: E, V, and L (father, mother, son, in that order). E is not a member but wants to be one. V and L are less active members but want to be active members. We're very grateful for J. There's no way we could have found them without him. 

Los Alpes looks like a really nice ward. I still really haven't seen the area during the day yet, but I think it's going to be good. We're really excited. It always is sad to leave an area behind though.

Well, I love you all!

Elder Hilton