Monday, November 17, 2014

"It was another good week."

November 17, 2014

Dear family,

Ok, this letter's going to be short. I had almost finished my letter and then my computor died. So I've only got a few minutes to write it again.

Another week here in El Salvador has gone by. It was a good week. I'll realized that I haven't been so good about answering questions lately so I'll try to do that today.

Weather. There really isn't much seasonal change here in El Salvador. Some seasons it rains more often. They describe Guatemala as an eternal spring. I'd describe El Salvador as an eternal summer. But it's fine. Once you're used to it you don't even notice it.

The area. Our area is actually huge. We've got Nueva Concepcion and a bunch of other small towns. We just stay in Nueva Concepcion. The part in which we work is about a mile in radius. Nueva Concepcion had some really good city planning. It's a grid. The streets all have names. The houses have numbers. That's kind of rare for El Salvador. Nomally people just have to say something like, "We live by the Catholic Church in a green house by a mango tree." But unfortunately, not haveing addresses has been too deeply ingrained into the culture. No one knows the street names. Or their house number. It's an adventure. We end up walking a lot.

The house. We actually live in a full size house. In SalvadoreƱan houses are usually just solid concrete. Our house is like that. We've got running water and electricity. In poorer parts they don't have that. And it some parts that houses are just sheets of metal held together with barbed wire.

We still have a member wash our laundry. Washing machines are not that popular here. A lot of times we have to wash clothes by hand.
I'm pretty sure we'll be able to skype. Not exactly sure how, but I've heard from other missionaries that they always skype.

Number of investiagators. The goal is to have about 30. We have about 15. Our problem right now is finding investagors who keep their commitments.
Thanks for all the talks you sent me! We really enjoy them.
I love you guys!

Elder Hilton

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