Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Today is a day of great rejoicing"

Hi guys! There's so much I want to tell you. I got through customs just fine. Jet lag wasn't an issue. Actually, everyone else in my district has been more tired than me. My companion's name is Elder Beecher. He's from Utah. He's a good companion. We get along great.
They put us to work right away. On day two, we taught our first investigator. In Spanish. We've taught him about fifteen minutes every day since then. There are about 100 missionaries here. I like the smaller size a lot. There are about 2 hermanas to every 3 Elders. Much more hispanic missionaries than American. There are 7 missionaries in my district; 6 Elders and 1 hermana. I'm the district leader. I really like our teachers Hermana Simon and Hermano Escobar. I really couldn't have asked for better teachers. They both speak pretty good English.
On Sunday, the don't assign the Speakers before hand, they just announce the speakers at the pulpit after the sacrament. I was chosen to give a talk (in Spanish). While I know it wasn't perfect, I felt that God was pleased with my offering. They also do the lessons on Sunday the same way, and my companion and I were called up to give the lesson (this time in English). We hadn't had time to prepare anything because I had been in leadership meetings earlier, but we gave a beautiful lesson about the priesthood, that really couldn't have been better if we had prepared. I feel like my Spanish is really improving, especially because at meals instead of eating with all the other Americans I go and eat with the hispanic Elders. Yesterday we had our first district meeting. I hadn't been given much guidance as to what was supposed to happen there, but it really went well. We basically just talked about how things were going in the district and where we wanted to go. They did almost all the talking. I just guided the conversation and share some instructions from the president, President Cox. This morning we went to the temple. That was a really special, sacred experience. I was able to pass out our family names and we did
19 of them; 13 hermanos and 6 hermanas. While I was in the temple I kept thinking over and over, "Today is a day of great rejoicing." It was as if each of them was coming to me one by one and telling me that, and sharing their love and gratitude. I was overwhelmed by it.
Now I really know that, just as the scriptures say, that the hearts of the fathers will be turned to the children, not just the hearts of children to the fathers. I am really loving my time here. I am getting the feeling that God has really high expectations for me, higher than I could have imagined. I love you all, Elder Hilton. (Sorry that is just one long stream of thought. This is a Spanish keyboard, and for some reason that means the enter key doesn't work).

 (Elder Hilton is in the back row)

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