Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Instant Brotherhood"

Hi guys! So I'm beginning to get more used to the routine here.
Everything seems much more normal now. Just lots of practice and learning. We're getting much better at teaching. One thing my companion and I are learning is how to teach together. I tend to dominate the lessons, which I really did not expect to happen because I tend to not talk much, and he's really outgoing. But we're getting better, and you can really feel the spirit in the lessons. The rededication was really good. I directed the music for the opening song, I Know My Redeemer Lives. I was glad I got to do that, because it was being broadcast throughout central America and I from what I have seen so far, no one else here knows how to conduct. Our song, The Olive Tree, went well too. Oh, and speaking of singing, in one of the new groups of nortes (as in people from the US) there were two guys from BYU Men's Chorus. I didn't really know them, but I recognized them and it was like instant brotherhood. I love going to the temple here. We've done the work for a total of 42 people so far. And any time someone mentions the temple or family history I always feel the spirit. I love you guys! Elder Hilton

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