Monday, December 1, 2014

"Things are really picking up now."

November 29, 2014

Dear family,

We had a good week here in Nueva Concepcion. We continued finding a lot of new investigators this week. Things are really picking up now. I remember how when we first got to this area we ended up just walking around a lot. Now we still walk a lot, but we've got a lot of work too do. Now we just got to keep up with the momentum we've built up.

I got your thanksgiving letter! Thanks for that. We had a very nice Thanksgiving here. To celebrate it, I attempted to make banana bread. We don't have an oven or anything, so I got creative. I mixed chopped up banana into pancake mix then made pancakes out of it. It was actually really good. And I also had yogurt, and of course that makes everything better.

Questions/answers. New foods: I just eat whatever I'm given. I usually don't ask what it is. They probably do have other fruits and vegies, but I probably don't know it. The food here is pretty normal. It's not like Korea where you would have no idea what you're eating. Usually it's some combination of rice, beans, eggs and tortillas. We make our own food for breakfast and dinner and then pay a member to make us lunch. I do like making all of my oun food, but the member's food is good too.

This week President Vasquez came here to talk to Presidente Melara. He brought the assistants with him, and the assistants did practices with us. That was really cool. They teach really well and I learned a lot from them.

Well, I love you guys! Thanks for everything!

Elder Hilton

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