Sunday, December 14, 2014

"This week we had a big trip to the temple for the investigators."

December 8, 2014
Dear family,

Thanks for all your letters. I really do enjoy reading them.

This week we had a big trip to the temple for the investigators. It was a big mission wide activity. In all, about 800 investigators went to the temple. We brought 2 investigators. Their names are L and N. They're a family; L is the mom. They also have a brother named D, but he wasn't able to make it to the temple trip. The trip was a really good experience for them. First we had a virtual tour of the temple in the chapel next door. Then we split into groups and went around to different classrooms where there were little presentations. Just being near the temple brings a special spirit, and I think they could feel it. L and N are preparing to be baptized and think this trip really did help them.

Quesions for this week. Health. I'm doing well. My cough isn't a problem anymore. I do feel short of breath every now and then, but I think that's just the way it's going to be until I can start seriously exercising again. But it's not that bad, and I've still got plenty of medicine. What made the assistants such good teachers: it's hard to say. I'm not sure if I could pinpoint it exactly. But as they taught, I definately could feel the spirit, and, being their investigator in the practice, I felt the desire to be baptized.

We had an experience this week that really helped me better understand the influence of the spirit. We were in a lesson. The lesson had just barely started. It started ok, but then it quickly took a few bad turns, and then the spirit was gone. It just left.  We quickly got out, and then I just stepped to the side to say a quick prayer. It really did not feel good at all. After the prayer I felt much better. We, as members of the church, have the right to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes we can feel it more strongly than other times, and that's usualy when we say we can feel the spirit. But I feel like we just get so used to it that we don't recognize its constant presence. In that moment, it was just gone. I felt so bad. Then it came back and I felt so much better. I feel like we need to appreciate better what we have, and recognize that not eveyone has this gift. Understanding this really strenthens my desire to help others be baptised and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I love you guys!

Elder Hilton

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