Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 7, 2015

Well first of all, I´m now doing much better. I´m not sick anymore. I´m just somewhat tired. But that´s all.

Yesterday we had another trip to the temple for investigators. It was different this time because we were running it, not just attending. We were there all day. There were 3 sessions divided by location for the entire mission. In all, 1700 people came. It was a pretty big event.

The best part was when we saw everyone from Nueva Concepcion. Hermana V had assigned us to buy pizza for the missionaries that ran the temple activity. So Elder V and I took the mission pickup and went to Little Ceasers. When we came back there was a bus blocking the entrance to the temple so we were waiting outside the gate when suddenly Elder V told me to open the window. I did and there they were. We had a little reunion there in the street but then the guard got mad at us so we parked to car and ran back real quick. Their bus was waiting for everyone to get back so we got on the bus to say hi to everyone. There was President M, his wife, R, M, I and R (President M´s mom and sister, they got baptized too after I left), I (President M´s daughter), R (President M´s son), M, E, and D (President M´s grandkids), L, N, H, R and E, and M. While maybe not all those names are familiar to you, I was really excited to see them. Elder V too, because he actually started his mission in Nueva Concepcion. 

R was so happy. He kept telling me over and over again, "I will never forget you." Over and over again. M seemed close to tears. I feel such a strong connection to the M family. Well, to everyone from Nueva Concepcion. I don´t think I will every feel like another area like I do about Nueva Concepcion. Unfortunately I didn´t get any pictures with them.

Well, that´s about all I got this week. I love you all!

Elder Hilton

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