Sunday, September 20, 2015

Things are finally calm again

September 4, 2015 

Dear family,

Things are finally calm again. The busyness of changes are over. But it will be back in a few weeks. Time seems to go by so much faster in the office. 6 weeks seemed like a lot more time before I came here. Maybe it´s because our work is centered so much around changes. 

Change week (week 1): sooo busy. 
Week 2: recovering from changes. 
Weeks 3-6: preparing for changes.

Then the cycle repeats again. 

We have two pretty positive investigators now: M and M.

M came to church a few weeks ago. He also went to a baptism service. He´s reading the Book of Mormon. And he´s praying. He says that he can´t fall asleep at night because he´s thinking about it so much. He says he´s sure that he wants to be baptized, but he wants to wait. He´s thinking about being baptized next year. We´re working on that. We think that the problem is the way he´s praying. In his prays he just says "give me understanding" and stuff like that but he doesn´t specifically ask "Is the Book of Mormon true?" or "Was Joseph Smith a prophet?" I think that once he does that, he´ll be able make a decision.

M also wants to be baptized. His challenge is that he´s trying to stop drinking. He´s been drinking almost his whole life. But he´s trying to drop it.

Dad asked when I first heard the "music of the gospel." I honestly can´t think of when I first heard the music. I think that´s because I had such great parents. I´ve been reading the Book of Mormon ever since I was born because we always read together as a family, every day. We always prayed as a family. We always had our family home evenings. There was a big focus on the temple. I was taught how to read the scriptures daily, how to do family history, etc. The list goes on. Our home is truly a holy place. I´d say that that is was mostly what made the difference for me. So I suppose that in order to strengthen the youth you need to strength the parents.

Well, I love you all!

Elder Hilton.

Elder Barwick says hi.

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