Monday, September 29, 2014

"We went to the temple this week!"

September 29, 2014

We went to the temple this week! It was really nice to go there. It just feels good to go the temple. And I did one of the names I brought from home. Family history is something I really miss. But I suppose that what I'm doing now is worthwhile too.

Well, we're still resting for Elder B's back. We went down to San Salvador to get an MRI for his back. We should find out the results today.

Now for some Q/A.My favorite SalvadoreƱo food would probably be pupusas. They're pretty good. Members usually give us about 4 meals a week. On P-day, we normally drop off our laundry, go grocery shopping, clean the house, cut our hair if we need to, and study. And usually we'll do something as a district, like get popsicles or something. As for rain, we never had a typical monsoon season, but it does rain several times a week.

Well, since we didn't work much this week, that's pretty much all that happened this week. And since I still have a bunch of time, I'll write about something I noticed while studying.

So, Mosiah 5:1-5. This scripture talks about the mighty change of heart the people of Mosiah had, such that they no longer had desire to do evil, but to serve God, and even wanted to witness this to God by making a covenant. Now, until recently, I had never paid attention to verse 1. In verse 1, King Benjamin asks his people if they believed in what he had taught them. Just a very simple question, but what would have happened if he hadn't asked it? The people would not have realized their grand change of heart, and they wouldn't have had the desire to make covenants with God. This chapter really wants to be much more direct when I teach. Questions like that, really make all the difference. They invite the Spirit to teach. I really like this chapter now.

Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Hilton 

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