Monday, October 20, 2014

Earthquake and "The Book of Mormon has a power to change lives"

October 20, 2014
Dear family,
We've had a pretty good week. It feels really good to be working again.
I really like my new area. This area is in the city. San Vicente was more rural. One the pictures I sent was taken in San Vicente right before I left. It's a pretty good representation of what it looks like there. The biggest difference in this area is that there's more people. More people in the streets to talk to and more neighborhoods. That makes things easier. And here, I'm in a ward. With that comes a ward mission leader, coordination meetings, food from members, and a lot of other things. It's very different.
And as you've heard, we had an earthquake. It was pretty big but there was almost no damage. It was at about 10:00 last monday night. It really didn't even effect us. After hearing from members and investigators how much it scared them I'm a little surprised at how calm we were. I was unpacking at the time. I didn't even stop unpacking during the earthquake. I did pause to catch the mirror as it fell, but that's it. Looking back, I think I ought to have reacted or something. Everyone else apparently fled their houses or huddled under tables. Oh well. Todo bien.
I really think that being in the military and moving every few years really prepared me for the mission. Coming here from San Vicente really wasn't that hard. It's what I'm used to. Sure, I was sad to leave and I miss the people there, but you just keep going. I like it here too. I've really liked everywhere I've lived.
We've got an investigator here who's really cool. His name is M. He's already thinking about serving a mission. Elder S tells me that the Book of Mormon was key to his conversion. He says that once he seriously started reading that he automatically starting making the necessary changes in his life on his own. I really like that. I know that the Book of Mormon has a power to change lives that no other book has. It has changed mine, and will change those of all who sincerely read it.

Well, thanks for all your letters. I love you all.
Elder Hilton

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