Monday, October 13, 2014

Three baptisms!

October 13, 2014

Dear family,

Well this week was pretty crazy. First, Elder B left Tuesday. But instead of giving me a new companion they put me in a trio with the district leader. So I spent this week with Elder A and Elder Z. We thought we would stay together for the rest of the change, but this morning, the assistants called and I had emergency changes. So now I’m in Ilopango. My companion’s name is Elder S. 

So. In the midst of all that, I’ve got some good news. First of all, one of our investigators got baptised last Saturday. His name is S, and he has really made many remarkable changes in his life. He was invited to church by a member of the church, and this member was the person who baptised him. I’m really grateful to have been able to help him.

Other good news. A while ago, I wrote you about some investigators named P and A. Well, they’re getting baptised this Friday. Although I won’t be there for it, I’m really happy for them. I really, really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know them and to help them. They’re got 2 little kids and I can just imagine the significance of this in their lives. The Gospel really is about families. Even with family history, there’s something special about families. 

Elder S seems like a really good missionary. I don’t really know him yet, but I get that impression. He is from Draper, Utah. He’s been in the mission about 15 months. One the zone leaders here is Elder Andreasen, my trainer. It’s pretty cool to be with him again.

As far as my Spanish, my strength is grammar. I still lack vocab and fluidity (I’m not sure if that’s even a word) but what I can say, I can say correctly. I think learning Spanish is like building a building. Grammar is the structure, and then vocab and everything else comes last.

Well, I love you all.

Elder Hilton

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