Sunday, March 8, 2015

We got to go to the temple this week!

March 2, 2015

We got to go to the temple this week! But this time we acually went in. It was so nice. It really is a spiritually refreshing expirience. As a missionary, we don't get to go in that often. I kind of feel like a little kig again, looking forward to the temple, understanding its sacredness, but not being able to enter. I wish I had gone to the temple more before I was a missionary. I feel like I would have been a more prepared missionary. I am very greatful for the opportunity we had this week to go.

We had a bit of an adventure getting to the temple, We were trying to make the 8:30 morning session, so we tried to take the 4:30 bus. When we got to the bus station, there was a bunch of people because the 4:00 bus never came. The 4:30 bus never came, neither the 5:00. Finally someone came by and told us that there wouldn't be any bus, posibly for another week. We really wanted to go to the temple, so we just started walking. After about 15 minutes a bus came. The buses still weren't working that day (not entirely sure why), but one of the bus owners had seen the big crowd of people and had mercy and drove us to nearest city where we could catch a different bus to San Salvador. And then we weren't actually sure how to get to the temple, so we just walked arround for a bit with a picture of the temple and asking for directions. We finally got to the temple, but for obvious reasons, we arrived late. When we arrived, the temple worker at the front desk was really unsure of what to do with us, because we were so late. Then President L came around that corner with a somewhat sympathetic look on his face, gave us both hugs, and put us into the next session. After the session that we did, we were just sitting for a bit, soaking in the feel of the temple, and he just came in, gave Elder G and me hugs, then left. That was the only reason he had for coming in. He really is a great guy. We really admire him. He loves others so much, and he lets them see his love.

Last week I wrote about teaching the assistants about familysearch. That actually didn't work out that well. When we arrived we found out that the mission office had lost their internet. I forgot to explain that in my last letter.

Well, this Wednesday are the changes. Elder G and I already have 4 months together. It's very probable that we'll have changes. We'll see what happens. 

I love you guys!

Elder Hilton

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