Thursday, May 21, 2015

The bishop found out that I've got experience with family history, and they want help!

May 1, 2015

Hola familia!

First of all, before I forget - skype. For Christmas I was in Nueva Concepción, talking on a little tablet. This time, I'm in the office. I will be skyping on the one of the nicest computers I've seen. So yes, I should be using skpye not facetime. As far as when goes, Dad suggested the time block within 3-4:30 PM, my time. That works for me. For now, let's plan on 4:00.  I'll be able to write you one more time before I call so we can confirm next week. 

Well, it was a good week. It went fast. We keep busy here in the office. As general secretary, I basically just a problem solver.  The mission calls me with their problems, and I fix them for them. Among my duties include doing reports for the mission, making sure President has an up-to-date list of where all the missionaries are and their contact information, ordering supplies for the mission, distributing those supplies, managing media referrals and other references for the mission, getting hold of birth certificates, marriage certificates needed for baptisms, mail, etc. A bunch of little things. Long story short, I just make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We don't actually use the car that much. It turns out that it's more like the assistants' car that they sometimes lend to us. But as far for what it's like to drive here, it's basically a free for all. Driving laws are not very strictly enforced here.

As far as the ward/our area goes, the bishop found out that I've got experience with family history, and they want help! We're planning to meet with some of the recent converts tomorrow to help them get started. I'm excited for that.

Other good news, this week we're going to go to the temple! I'm very excited for that too.

Well, I'm excited to be able to talk to you guys soon. I love you all!

Elder Hilton  

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