Monday, April 4, 2016

4. We´re going to go to the temple this month!

March 14, 2016

Hello family,
Sorry, today´s letter is going to be short again.
1. I love you all. A lot.

2 Fun story of the week: We were looking at the lists of members we have. There´s one very interesting list called non baptized members. I imagine that the people on that list are people that received a name and blessing as babies but never got baptized when they got old. Here´s the interesting part: on that list was the branch president´s daughter, who´s leaving for the mission in a week. That obviously threw us off a bit.  We jokingly thought, "Yes, new investigator! Let´s baptize her tomorrow!" We were so intrigued by that list that we went to the church and checked MLS: Now her record appears. She´s no longer on that list. Who knows why she as on it in the first place. We also thought of her arriving to the mission and having people ask her "When did you get baptized?" "Last week." or worse arriving to the mission without being baptized. It would be cool to baptize your companion though.

3. The daughter of one of the recent converts, C, possibly will get baptized next week.

4. We´re going to go to the temple this month!

Elder Hilton

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