Sunday, January 3, 2016

The missionary life really is a good life.

Hello family!

1. New companion. Elder P. He´s from Guatemala. He´s very excited to start the mission. He´s very smart. I forgot to bring my camera today. Next week I´ll send pictures.

2. I got both packages! Thank you so much!

3. Stess level: very down.

4. Skype: I will call the 25 of December at 2 PM (El Salvador time). This will be my last phone call home.

5. Mom asked some hard questions this time. BYU: Well, I´m pretty sure that I want to go in the summer session. When does the summer session start? I don´t know if you guys knew this or not, but my release date is April 28. As for housing and classes...I don´t know. When does registering open for the summer session? It´s hard to think about that. My mind´s no longer geared to think about these type of things.

6. I love you all.

It´s great being with a new missionary. He´s full of energy and ideas. It´s just as if I were brand new too. But with more experience. The missionary life really is a good life.

Our area is doing well. Well had lots of investigators in church yesterday, among them the H family.

Elder Hilton

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