Sunday, January 31, 2016

Think of things you can do to share the gospel.

January 25, 2016

This week we received a lot of instruction. On Wednesday  there was a worldwide conference for missionaries. That was amazing. On Saturday Elder Cook came and visited us. That was good too.

Everything turned out well with the musical number The Day Dawn is Breaking. I enjoyed playing the piano.

Lately it´s been a little colder, especially in the mornings. I think that it barely reaches the mid 60s but I feel really cold. I´m already used to El Salvador heat.

On thing that I really enjoyed for the conference was a video they showed, It´s about member missionary work. I honestly cried when I saw it. A common element in each one is that the members and the missionaries worked together. Before I came on the mission, I tried to share the gospel. I prayed for missionary opportunities, I gave away Book of Mormons, I invited my friends to church activities, etc, but I never invited my friends to listen to the missionaries. But now I realize that neither we, as missionaries,. can reach our full level of success with out the members nor can the members without us. We need to work together! Watch the video. And then think of things you can do to share the gospel.

I love you!

Elder Hilton 

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