Sunday, January 31, 2016

We found a really prepared person, or rather he found us.

January 18, 2016

Hello family!

This week was a lot better. And we`ve got a really cool week ahead of us. Wednesday there will be a worldwide training for missionaries. And on Saturday Elder Cook with be talking with all the missionaries of El Salvador. Our mission was assigned to create a small choir for that event. I will be playing the piano. We will sing The Day Dawn is Breaking. I was able make a pretty cool arrangement for the piano.

Changes are the first week of February. We don´t know what will happen. It could be that one of us leaves or that we stay together. We don´t know.

We found a really prepared person, or rather he found us. His name is R. He came to church last week - alone. He talked to missionaries one time in the street two years ago and they invited him to church. He told them that "any moment" he would come and visit. Last week was that moment. He really liked church. He came again yesterday too. He doesn´t even drink coffee and almost everyone is addicted to that here. 

Thank you everything! I love you all!

I attached a picture from the christmas activity.

Elder Hilton

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